NEC BAME Candidates

  • Information on this page is for Members who are eligible to vote in the upcoming nominations meeting
  • The candidate details provided below do not represent a definitive list of those standing – but only those whose statements have been received by the Secretary

During the month of February we will be holding a special All Members Meeting to nominate candidates for Leader, Deputy Leader, and vacated posts on the National Executive Committee (NEC): 2 NEC CLP representatives & an NEC BAME Representative.

Full details of the meeting, including time, date and location will be sent out by the Secretary via email.

Rules, guidelines & procedures for the meeting can be found here

NEC BAME Representative
Nominations for the BAME NEC representative can be taken from the floor. To be eligible to stand for this position a candidate must:
· have 12 months continuous membership from the date of the relevant date set by the NEC nomination meeting. Therefore only members who have been a member on or before 15th February 2019 will be eligible to stand for this position.
· have formally notified the party that they self-define as BAME.
· Up to ten minutes may be required to allow members to read any nominees statements that have been provided by the candidates to the CLP. At the end of this period the door keeper will be asked to confirm the number of eligible members in the meeting. No members arriving after this point will be eligible to participate in the meeting or the ballot

NEC BAME Representative
There is also one NEC BAME representative position to be nominated. Each
member must write the name of the person they wish to nominate on their
ballot paper.
The candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner and nominated by
the CLP.

Please find below the Candidates statements which have been received by the Secretary, from (in alphabetical order):

  • Fozia Akhtar
  • Rohit Dasgupta
  • Nura Ali Dhuhul
  • Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal
  • Mehmood Mirza
  • Omolola Oyewusi

The following candidates are also standing and their statements will be uploaded to this website shortly:

  • Kandy Dolor
  • Jermain Jackman
  • Villayat Sunkmanitu
  • Iram Woolley